May 2017

James Jensen, 1949-2017

James Jensen, 1949-2017 
Curator of Contemporary Art 
Honolulu Museum of Art

The Hawaii Craftsmen board of directors is saddened by the death of our fellow board member Jay Jensen and extends its condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.  Former board president Kay Mura worked with Jay for many years and offered the following tribute to him.

Jay Jensen's recent passing will profoundly affect the entire art Hawaii community. Hawaii Craftsmen was fortunate to have Jay serve on its board for the past few years. His deep familiarity with not only the local art community but also the national art and craft museum communities was where his knowledge impacted HC's programs the most.

Jay was able to suggest first rate jurors for many of the recent Hawaii Craftsmen Annual Exhibits and his comments about Aha Hana Lima artists were always helpful and important. Our fund raisers, The Formable Feasts, simply couldn't have been successful without Jay's guidance and input. He brought wisdom and a type of knowledge to the HC board that was unique and always valuable.

In addition to his service to HC in his professional capacity, Jay's quiet kindness and support to all on a personal level was always there. For many artists, Jay was the link between them and the art institutions here that helped create the community that is uniquely Hawaii.

There will be many words spoken and written about Jay Jensen but nothing will be able to fill the sense of personal loss so many of us feel. Many, many thanks for his generosity and contributions and much Aloha to him.

Message from the Acting President

Aloha Hawaii Craftsmen members.  I suspect many of us take for granted the well-established programs offered by our organization -  including the Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition, Aha Hana Lima Artists Workshops, Raku Ho`olaule`a, and the biennial Fiber Show - but the fact is, these flagship events don’t just happen.  Each one of them involves careful planning and skilled execution by HC board members and other member volunteers.  Several years ago, former board president Kay Mura wrote in this space, “It would be unfortunate to see Hawaii Craftsmen disappear but it’s a definite possibility if more of the membership doesn’t step up to help.  We need new people to provide the leadership that keeps Hawaii Craftsmen a force in the community.”  What Kay expressed then still very much applies.  Our organization, which has nurtured and promoted Hawaii’s diverse craft community in good times and bad over the course of 50 years, absolutely depends on its members’ skill sets, enthusiasm, and commitment to continue producing quality programs and services.

The HC Board of Directors currently has several openings and we are seeking nominations for new board members.  Perhaps you have had questions about how the organization conducts it business, or suggestions on ways it can improve its offerings.  Well, now is the time to step up and get involved in the governance of HC.  Remember, HC is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization.  No one can do this but ourselves and in Kay’s words, “…it will only happen if you say yes…” 

We will present a slate of board officers and other board nominees at the next annual meeting. Please consider “throwing your hat in the ring” - or suggest names of potential candidates who may not be HC members - by contacting me, other board members, or as soon as possible.


Terry Savage

Acting President


Raku Ho‘olaule‘a is an annual community Raku ceramics workshop, firing and campout in a beautiful beach side setting at Camp Mokule‘ia, followed by an exhibit.

Contemporary guest artist/juror Shigeru Miyamoto
Traditional juror Marilyn Tamoe Naka

The T-shirt deadline has been extended to May 13.

Last day to register for the event is May 22nd at 9am.

The Main Event:

The 41st annual community Raku ceramics festival and campout will be held in a beautiful beach setting at Camp Mokuleia on Oahu’s North Shore.

Noon on Friday May 26 to noon on Monday May 29  

Camp Mokuleia
68-729 Farrington Hwy,
Waialua, Hawaii 96791

The Exhibition:

Selected works from the campout in traditional and contemporary Raku categories will be on display at Gallery `Iolani, Windward Community College.  Distinguished artist and educator Shigeru Miyamoto will serve as the contemporary Raku juror, Marilyn Tamoe Naka will serve as the traditional juror.

Friday September 8 to Sunday October 8 

Gallery 'Iolani
45-720 Kea'ahala Rd.
Kaneohe, HI 96744


For 50 years, Hawaiʻi Craftsmen has relied on the generosity of members, supporters, and volunteers like you, who have helped us accomplish our mission to serve as an integral part of the fine craft community, promote fine crafts throughout the state, and support our community of member artists. Help Hawaiʻi Craftsmen continue the sustainability and growth of its programs and events today by making a tax-deductible monetary contribution—however large or small— by sending us a check or contributing online.


The board is currently seeking nominations for the executive position of President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The President is the principle executive officer of the organization; presides at all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors; is primary signatory to contracts and documents; and, in general, supervises the activities and operations of Hawaiʻi Craftsmen. The Treasurer oversees the financial operations of the organization. These positions require excellent leadership, organizational and people skills, as well as a strong understanding of fine craft arts. 

Please send your recommendations/nominations (self-nominations acceptable) and brief biographical information of potential candidates to Terry Savage, Acting President, at 

Adventures of the “Balancing Act” Bottle

On August 7, 2016, Ted and I flew to Oahu for an Artists’ Reception at the Hawaii State Capitol Building.

In 2013, a piece of my ceramic artwork, the “Balancing Act” Bottle, was purchased from a juried art show on Maui by the State of Hawaii Foundation on Culture and the Arts to become part of the Art in Public Places Program.   During 2014 and 2015 it was selected as one of 36 pieces from over 4,000 art pieces in the State of Hawaii Art Collection to be placed into a two year exhibition in the Hawaii State Art Museum.

In July, I was informed that the piece was again selected, this time to be installed into the Public Access Room in the Hawaii State Capitol Building and we were invited to the reception.  At the reception were 17 artists all of whom had a chance to meet 18 State Senators, and even more State Representatives.  All of their offices were open after the artists’ introduction so visitors and artists could visit all of the offices and see the artwork in those offices.

This is an honor I never expected, sought, or even remotely imagined.  The lesson here:  Jump off a cliff every chance you get.  It will often be very poofy where you land.

Aloha, Mary Ann Leigh


As a volunteer organization, Hawaiʻi Craftsmen relies on the active participation of its members in volunteering for a wide range of tasks that help us deliver our programs to members and the community. Please consider volunteering as a coordinator or member on one of the following committees. To sign up to volunteer, please visit our volunteer web page.


Committee members should have interest/experience in membership development and will assist in membership outreach, building greater active membership, and soliciting updates of member contact and interests information. 


Committee members should have interest/experience in organizing volunteers; gathering data on volunteer skills, interests, and expertise; and working with program chairs and event coordinators to contact, solicit, and schedule volunteers. 


Committee members should have an interest/experience in fundraising, particularly in working with donors and corporate sponsors. Members will be tasked with developing sponsorship packages, with outreach to potential donors and corporate sponsors, and with soliciting gifts in kind and/or monetary donations for programs and events. 

To sign up to volunteer, please visit our volunteer web page.


Do you have any photographs, newspaper articles, program files, or other information from past Hawaii Craftsmen events? We would love to centralize our archives and fill in any missing holes in our history. Please contact us at info@hawaiicraftsmen or call us at (808) 521-3282.


Is your work in an upcoming exhibit? Do you know of a lecture or event that might be of interest to our membership? Please let us know by sending an email to by May 24th for inclusion in the next newsletter.

“Hawaii Craftsmen celebrates fine craft as a vital and enriching part of contemporary life and supports the creative growth of our member artists and the education of the general public to the value of the crafts.”

New Emergency Relief Guidelines for Folk + Traditional Artists

For over 30 years, CERF+ has provided emergency relief to artists working in craft disciplines who have experienced a career-threatening emergency. In an effort to assist more artists working in craft disciplines whose work is rooted in and reflective of the cultural life of their community, CERF+ has developed guidelines that specifically address the needs of folk and traditional artists.

Folk and Traditional artists applying for CERF+ Emergency Relief under these alternate guidelines must have had a recent, serious emergency, but the eligibility guidelines don’t focus on a “career” or a “business.”

Applicants must document an ongoing history of handmade objects that embody the National Endowment for the Arts’ (NEA) definition of folk and traditional arts by providing a statement about the artistic tradition they have practiced over the years. Photos of their artwork as well as completing our application are also required.

Please help us spread the word to raise awareness of this grant by forwarded this email to folk and traditional arts agencies, program staff, agencies, organizations, funders and others.

More Information at

Folk Arts





April 7 – May 6, 2017

Peggy Hopper Gallery
1164 Nuuanu Ave. Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 524-1160  |  Tue - Fri 11:00am - 4:00pm; Sat 11:00am - 3:00pm

Within/Without presents new work by Honolulu artists Mary Babcock (HC Member), Reem Bassous, Katherine Love, Hadley Nunes, and Maya Lea Portner (HC Member). The five artists have met regularly over the period of a year and a half to discuss themes, influences, and processes of working. This exhibition, organized by participating artist Katherine Love, is a result of that ongoing collaboration. The exhibition features new work in drawing, painting, fiber, and photography which address topics of political and social activism, the effects of violence and war, femininity and family history, and sense of place and identity. 

Paper Processes, Hawai‘i Crafts I + Garden Reflections

April 13, 2017 - July 21, 2017 
First Hawaiian Center

Paper Processes: Works by Denise Karabinus, Paula Nokes, and Nisha Pinjani

Artists Denise Karabinus (HC member), Paula Nokes (HC member), and Nisha Pinjani tackle personal and political issues—of suffering and loss, Japanese internment during WWII, and the place of women in society—by transforming the medium of paper through techniques such as collage, stitching, and stapling.

Denise Karabinus, Tear Mandala: Apricot

Paula Nokes, Stained in Blue

Hawai‘i Crafts I: Fiber, Glass, Wood, and Metal from the Collection of Honolulu Museum of Art

Comprised of works selected from the museum’s collection by curator of contemporary art Jay Jensen, this exhibition highlights some of the best contemporary craft work in Hawai‘i, and is the first in a two-part series highlighting the museum’s strong collection of craft-based work. These exhibitions acknowledge and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hawai‘i Craftsmen organization and its commitment to the art and artists of Hawai‘i.

Garden Reflections: Ceramics by Yoko Haar and Licia McDonald

This exhibition presents wall-mounted ceramic works by Honolulu artist Yoko Haar and Kaua‘i artist Licia McDonald. Haar is known for her subtly toned, delicate tiled pieces which incorporate repeated patterns and textures, while McDonald’s brightly colored, whimsical works are recognizable for soft white edges and undulating forms that allude to petals, plant life, or fantasy.

An Affair in the Islands

HI, 96756

A. Kimberlin Blackburn will be giving a short talk at Galerie 103 about this installation for the group exhibit - An Affair in the Islands - on 5/13/2017, Art Walk 6 - 9pm, Art Talk begins at 7pm

The Exhibition is up through May 31, 2017.


A.Kimberlin Blackburn

Time and Again, Mother Nature's Embrace
glass beads, thread on wire, 110  259 x 16 inches, 2017

linen, cotton, acrylic on wire, pine and birch, 81 x 29 x 16 inches, 2017


10x10x10 Artist Challenge

Wailoa Center invites the artists in our community to submit portfolios for consideration for our 2nd “10x10x10 Artist Challenge” which is scheduled for May 2018. 10 artists will be chosen for the “Challenge” and will have roughly one year to develop their ideas and create an installation of art to be displayed in one of 10 sectioned-off spaces upstairs in the Main Gallery of Wailoa Center. Once an artist is chosen and commits to the process, the ten mandated materials will be revealed to the artists and they may only use those materials to create their installation. That is the challenge……10 artists, 10 spaces and 10 materials.

"The Brood" by Trudee Siemann 10x10x10 Artist Challenge 2016

The idea for this exhibit show grew from a conversation several years ago between Wailoa Center’s Director Codie King and Kaori Ukaji, an internationally known contemporary artist. “We were having a casual conversation about art here in the islands and art explorations in general,” explained King. “The question of ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…?’ came up many times over the course of many meetings until the question landed on ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to create a challenge for artists who have to use a limited list of materials in an identical space?’ How would individuals interpret the same materials and define the space to reflect their unique perspectives on art?” 

King and Ukaji agreed that this would be a unique approach to curating an installation-based exhibit; one that they believe has not been presented in Hilo until now. The 10x10x10 Artists Challenge of 2016 included artists from across Hawai’i Island and was deemed a tremendous success for the public to view and for the artists to create. Those artists/alumni who participated in the 2016 challenge were co-founders Codie King and Kaori Ukaji, and Michael Cromwell, Bob Douglas, Joe Hampton, Ben Krome, Stephen Lang, Jim Rhodes, Joe Ruesing and Trudee Siemann. The ten mandated materials used in the 2016 Challenge were wooden pallets, toilet paper, wire mesh, plastic wrap, canvas, paint, plaster of Paris, a light source and any type of fasteners needed for construction, as well as, an ‘artist’s choice’ of one additional type of  material.

“Throughout the timeline of the year, the individual artists will have time to meet together in the gallery to get a ‘feel’ for their space, take measurements and allow their ideas to develop. The artists will be asked to intentionally not share their concepts or ideas with each other, so on installation day it is a total surprise,” said King. “That’s the fun of it! The artists will also be asked to write a short statement or journal on how they feel throughout the year about their discoveries through the creative process. And it is a process which will change many times throughout the course of the year. That is why any artist who chooses to accept this “Challenge” must be committed, there is no backing out.” says King.“However, I can say from my personal experience with this “Challenge”, it was worth all the energy, time and money I spent. The rewards I gained in making connections within myself and reawakening my creative energy is something I couldn’t possibly find anyway other way”.

If you are an artist interested applying for the next 2018 “10x10x10 Artist Challenge” or you know of an artist who might be interested please contact Codie King at Wailoa Center 808-933-0416 or email Portfolios should include a body of work that reflects your style, your ability to utilize different materials and a short statement on why you would like to participate in this exhibit. You do not have to show installation art in your portfolio; just show a desire to be open to it and the challenge. Portfolios can be dropped off at Wailoa or submitted through email at The deadline for portfolio submissions is Thursday, May 18th 2017. The 10 artists will be notified shortly after review and be asked to come in and sign a contract of commitment to exhibit. We would like to introduce the chosen  10 artists and reveal the 10 materials at the June 2nd Imagine 2017 Fine Art Expo artist reception. 


Apply now for a one-month residency in beautiful Key West, FL! We are accepting applications through May 22 for artists, writers, media artists, musicians and performers. Artists are housed in Conch cottages with combined live/work spaces, nearby our recently renovated Art Deco home with galleries, classrooms & event space. Application Fee. Details: 305-296-0458 OR

360 XOCHI QUETZAL Winter Artist & Writer's Residency in Central Mexico

360 XOCHI QUETZAL is an artist and writer's residency located on  enchanting and inspiring Lake Chapala, Mexico. 

International writers, playwrights, visual artists, fiber artists, filmmakers, photographers, new media artists, dancers and musicians are all welcome to apply for a FREE 1-MONTH RESIDENCY from Dec 14, 2017 - Jan 13, 2018.

Applications are due July 30, 2017 thru CAFÉ  www.callforentry.orgWe also have a personal residency program for artists and writers who need longer periods of creative time (1 - 6 months) throughout the year. For more details visit:


Hawai'i Craftsmen active members can now submit an application to be featured as “Artist of the Month.”  For more information email Juvana Soliven at .


We are making sure that we have all members' current contact information to keep everyone informed and up to date on Hawaii Craftsmen events and opportunities. We are also tracking members' preferred art medium to help us make decisions about what programs to provide. Please take the time to sign in at, update your contact information, and adjust your membership level or status as needed, so we can serve you better!


“In an effort to support an increased presence of fine craft programs during the year we are seeking partnerships with other art and fine craft organizations and community art centers, groups, and galleries.”

Help us celebrate Hawaiʻi Craftsmen’s 50th Anniversary Year. In an effort to support an increased presence of fine craft programs during the year we are seeking partnerships with other art and fine craft organizations and community art centers, groups, and galleries. We hope that you will see the mutual benefits of these Strategic Partnerships. Ideally we can begin an on-going working relationship to mutually support and promote Hawaii’s fine craft artists working primarily in functional and non-functional 2- and 3 dimensional art in clay, fiber, glass, wood, metal, stone, and mixed media.

We are accepting proposals for exhibits, art events, awards, and workshops. A limited number of awards remain available for additional partnerships.

Our over-arching goal is to celebrate and promote public art exhibitions, art displays, and events featuring fine craft arts and artists and to support artists working in clay, fiber, glass, wood, metal, stone, and mixed media through formal and informal workshops and educational opportunities.

Potential partners should submit an application at least 3 months in advance of your planned project. We are hopeful that together we can increase the appreciation and support of fine craft art throughout the state and beyond!




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“Your involvement is vital to continue to make Hawai'i Craftsmen a success.”


Hawaii Craftsmen meets the Third Wednesday of the month and the meeting is open to members.  If you would like to attend, please sign up at under Events.


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