Mahalo Nui Loa!

WOW! That was fun! The online auction is over! Mahalo to all the artists who provided a great variety of items for the auction. And Mahalo Nui Loa to those who purchased art and donated cash!

Thirty-eight artist donated 88 items valued at $31,392 and we sold 36 items for $6,000.00 - 40% of donated items sold. Eighty percent of the items donated were valued at under $500 and we did not sell anything over $525.00. Artists were given the option to donate 50% or 100%. Again, 80% of the artists opted for the 50% donation and we will be paying 26 artists $1,955 for their portion. Big shout out to those who donated 100%! We had 46 registered participants and about 35 of them were active bidders and 25 were winning bidders. Sixteen items were purchased at the Buy Now Price. We also received some donations on the auction site and on Facebook. Our expenses were low and only included payment to auction site, social media ads and financial processing fees. Including the donations Hawaii Craftsmen will net close to $3,800.

A big part of this effort was promoting the online auction site and the dates that the auction was open for preview and then open for bidding. We doubled down on our email blasts and social media posts. Did you notice? 32Auctions analytics showed 4,965 page views. And our efforts on Facebook and Instagram reached over 7,000 people across the country. We are still in the analysis phase to see if the effort was well targeted. Thank you everyone who helped spread the word - including our volunteer social media team-their posts were well written and interesting. Regardless of the numbers our gut tells us we did a good job getting the word out.

This was a first time effort and we will be sending an online eval form to those who directly participated. However, we need to hear from you all to determine if this was truly a successful event. Please send your comments to Kim at

Hawaii Craftsmen members and board need to raise $30,000 this year to cover our basic overhead expenses. These include insurance, rent, communications applications fees, grant writing, bookkeeping and office management. Our program budgets are designed to break even while they contribute to 30% of the overhead; membership dues will cover another 30%. That leaves 40% or $12,000 to raise with donor contributions and special fundraising events. This “non” event is a good start to the goal; thank you for helping; stand by for more!

A Special Invitation

Time for slippers and popcorn! Announcing a fundraising event you can support without going anywhere! No buying tickets, no fancy outfits, no traffic, no parking hassles, no rubber chicken dinners, no too tight fancy shoes, no idle chit chat, no volunteer shifts, no bar bill, no hangover - well that still depends on you, you can indulge at home and save the Uber fare! It’s a silent auction --- all online.  

This event supports the behind the scenes costs of running Hawaii Craftsmen - the organization who has supported working artists and brought quality arts programming to the public for 50 years. In alignment with Hawaii Craftsmen's mission we are giving artists the option of donating 50% or 100% of the art sales. While we need the funds to run the organization we also want to support our members with opportunities to generate income from their artwork.

Our virtual event sponsors are the businesses and funders who have been supporters of Hawaii Craftsmen over the years; see the sponsors list on the auction web pages.

For this event to be successful we need EYES on PAGES! The more eyes the more bids means more funds raised to support our work. Please share the details of this event with ALL your friends and family - near and far and all your social media contacts - Get The Word Out! Feel free to send out a postcard (above) and link to the auction site to ALL your contacts! This info can be found here.

It’s easy to participate. Click here to preview the auction and set up a personal account - it's super easy to do. After bidding is closed (4/22/18 at 6pm) we will send the winning bidder a notification with a link to their invoice page. Invoices display the items won, the winning bid amounts, the total amount due, and a payment button. If you purchase artwork that is not on the same island as you the artist will ship you the work; if you are on the same island you both will make arrangements for a hand off.  Winning bidders can click the payment button to pay for their item and, if needed, shipping, with a credit card, debit card, eCheck, or PayPal account.

As of 4.4.18 we have 74 items valued at just over $25,000 donated by 33 artists!

You may visit the auction link to preview the auction items. The bidding starts on Sunday April 15that 5pm and will close on Sunday April 22 at 6 pm.

This event is made especially for couch potatoes - no judgment - we love to veg out too! We’ll “see” you there!

PS: We will be accepting donations until April 14, 2018. Find more info about how to make a donation below in the Call to Artist section.

Call to Artists

DEADLINE EXTENDED: as of today (3.29.18) we have 72 pieces from 28 artists! Thank you everyone for participating! We have decided to keep receiving donation until 4.14.18 - the day before the auction opens. If you can't donate art maybe this article will give you some ideas on other ways to support our effort - and your organization! A class or a studio tour would be awesome! 

To read the blog post click here. This is a pretty good blog for working artists - check out some of the other articles.

Original Call to Artists: Hawaii Craftsmen is excited to try a new way to raise some funds to cover our basic operating expenses. We all agreed that the FORMable Feast fundraiser has been successful for us in the past and we want to continue the tradition – BUT we're bringing it to you! We’re going to try out an online silent auction - inFORMable Feast! You can participate in your jammies!

Our goal is to auction off approximately 100 items netting at least $10,000 or 30% of the 2018 operating costs. We will continue our tradition of giving our members the option of a 50/50 split or a 100% donation of the sale of anything they provide for this event. We suggest you provide items with various price points with at least one in the $300 to $500 value range. This has been the price point sweet spot for past FORMable Feasts. 

Please set the minimum bid/upset price at a point that does not devalue the art or the artist. Typically this is the wholesale value of the piece; but know if you opt for the 50% donation you will be making 50% of your wholesale price. We are also offering a Buy Now option where we will add 5% to the retail value (provided by donor) and the customer can buy the piece directly and remove it from the silent auction process immediatly. 

Hawaii Craftsmen reserves the right to select what items will be part of this event. If you are receiving this invitation and are not an artist please share it with your artist friends; otherwise stand by for the opening of the bids on April 15.


1.     Providing 1 - 3 pieces of artwork valued between $50 and $500 at a 50% or 100% donation to Hawaii Craftsmen. Send us 1 to 3 images of each work you are providing for this event. It does not have to be a professional photograph but it does have to show the work in the best way possible. These images are what the buyers will be seeing. We will consider listing a few items over $500.

2.     Taking on the responsibility (but not the cost) of delivering or shipping any sold items to their new owners. The buyers will pay for the cost of shipping & handling when they pay for the item.

3.     An online auction is new territory for HC but one thing we do know is the power of the internet and social media to get the word out. We will need every participant and every member of HC to make a serious effort to share an invitation and the link to the auction site. We will need eyes on the pages and if everyone pitches in we can do a much better job. We do have a budding social media team who are learning great ways to get the word out and they will be posting content  - but we’ll need you to help spread the word by sharing it.


Deadline for entry forms and photos March 28  April 14
Items posted to auction site by volunteers                              March 26 – April 16Auction site opens for preview and registering to bid            April 1, Sunday

Auction site opens to public for bidding                                 April 15 at 5 pm, SundayAuction closes April 22 at 6pm, SundayAll artworks shipped or delivered to buyers April 30

We look forward to having your support of this dynamic innovative event !

Please click on this link to fill out the donation form:

How to send you image files:

The file type must be PNG, GIF, or JPEG. This means that the file name needs to end with .png, .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg. We don't need large files but if that's all you have send them along.

Please title each image the following way:
FirstInitialLastName_ArtTitle#1,2,3.jpg (or any of the allowed file types)

For example if Deanna is submitting 2 artworks with 2 photos for one and 1 photo for the second work her images would be titled this way:


Please email as attachments your properly titled images to

Please put inFORMable Feast Images in the subject line.

If you have any questions please contact:

Kim Coffee-Isaak at or Deanna Gabiga at


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